Current Lab Members

Sarit Smolikove

Associate Professor

BSc, Biology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 1998
MSc, Molecular Microbiology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 2000
PhD, Molecular Microbiology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 2004
Post-Doc, Genetics, Harvard Medical School, MA 2009

As a biological scientist, I am fascinated by the complex and intricate cellular processes joining to form what we define as life. I am specifically interested in the vessel of the genetic material – the chromosomes. In recent years I’m focusing my research on understanding how chromosomes behave in the context of a dividing cell. For my research, genetics serves as one of the most powerful tools in decoding how basic biological processes unfold in living cells. I combine this classical research approach with innovative imaging technology to elucidate the pathways involved in meiotic chromosome segregation.

Note: Earlier publications under Smolikov Sarit

Emily Koury

Research Assistant

Emily got her MS from Bryant Mcallister’s lab in our department.
Following working as an RA in a microbiology lab she joined ours.

Ben Alleva

Graduate Student

iBio program, PhD candidate

Rachel Reichman

Graduate Student

Biology Graduate Program, PhD candidate

I study how meiotic proteins work together to process DNA double strand breaks and prepare a nucleus for homologous recombination. I specifically work with the MRN protein complex that is made up of three proteins: MRE-11, RAD-50, and NBS-1. This complex plays a part in DNA DSB formation and resection after it has been broken to create ssDNA ends ready for strand invasion. I conducted a yeast two-hybrid screen that lead to the identification of MRE-11 interacting proteins. I indent to analyze mutants for gene encoding for these proteins and identify their role in DSB repair.

Richard (Rich) Bowman

Graduate Student

iBio program, MS candidate

Following graduation with bachelors degree in Biology from our department, Rich worked as a research assistant for a year studying Zebrafish development and then came back to our lab as MS student!

Adam Hefel

Graduate Student

Genetics Program, PhD Candidate

Kailey Harrell

Graduate Student

iBio program, PhD candidate

Pooja Patel

Undergraduate Honors Student

Student of Biomedical Sciences BS (Primary), Human Physiology BS, and Psychology minor

Prince Morkeh

Undergraduate Researcher

Student of French BA on the Pre-Med track

Talitha Ford

Undergraduate Researcher

Student majoring in Biology (BA)

Dylan Cooke

Undergraduate Researcher

Student majoring in Biomedical Engineering