Lab Members

  • Sarit Smolikove

    Associate Professor

    BSc, Biology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 1998
    MSc, Molecular Microbiology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 2000
    PhD, Molecular Microbiology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel 2004
    Post-Doc, Genetics, Harvard Medical School, MA 2009

    As a biological scientist, I am fascinated by the complex and intricate cellular processes joining to form what we define as life. I am specifically interested in the vessel of the genetic material - the chromosomes. In recent years I'm focusing my research on understanding how chromosomes behave in the context of a dividing cell. For my research, genetics serves as one of the most powerful tools in decoding how basic biological processes unfold in living cells. I combine this classical research approach with innovative imaging technology to elucidate the pathways involved in meiotic chromosome segregation.

    Note: Earlier publications under Smolikov Sarit

  • Emily Koury

    Research Assistant

    Emily got her MS from Bryant Mcallister's lab in our department.
    Following working as an RA in a microbiology lab she joined ours.

  • Ben Alleva

    Graduate Student

    iBio program, PhD candidate

  • Rachel Harney

    Graduate Student

    Biology Graduate Program, PhD candidate

    I study how meiotic proteins work together to process DNA double strand breaks and prepare a nucleus for homologous recombination. I specifically work with the MRN protein complex that is made up of three proteins: MRE-11, RAD-50, and NBS-1. This complex plays a part in DNA DSB formation and resection after it has been broken to create ssDNA ends ready for strand invasion. I conducted a yeast two-hybrid screen that lead to the identification of MRE-11 interacting proteins. I indent to analyze mutants for gene encoding for these proteins and identify their role in DSB repair.

  • Richard (Rich) Bowman

    Graduate Student

    iBio program, MS candidate

    Following graduation with bachelors degree in Biology from our department, Rich worked as a research assistant for a year studying Zebrafish development and then came back to our lab as MS student!

  • Kailey Harrell

    Graduate Student

    iBio program, PhD candidate

  • Adam Hefel

    Graduate Student

    Genetics Program, PhD Candidate

  • Pooja Patel

    Undergraduate Honors Student

    Student of Biomedical Sciences BS (Primary), Human Physiology BS, and Psychology minor

  • Juancarlos Tello

    Undergraduate Honors Student

    Student of Biochemistry BS (Primary) and Chemistry BA

  • Prince Morkeh

    Undergraduate Researcher

    Student of French BA on the Pre-Med track

  • Bradley Petersen

    Undergraduate Researcher

    Student of Biology BA

  • Talitha Ford

    Undergraduate Researcher